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Who's That Hunko??

Honko is a Mario Kart player and staff member. He is originally from the USA, but spent most of his childhood in Japan, so he sometimes pretends to be Japanese. He now lives in California, where he programs the machines that will one day take over the planet.

Kart Career

Robin has been a member of the kart community since 2003, when he joined the Mario Kart 64 Player's Page. It was the first video game he ever played competitively, so at first he moved slowly from the bottom of the charts. However, after a couple years of playing he eventually made a breakthrough and went quickly from Semi-Pro to Elite B in Summer 2005, and then Elite B to King B in Summer 2007. In the past couple years he has played sparingly, but he still gets an occasional PR and has no plans to ever "officially" retire.

Robin is also a member of the SMK, MKSC, MKDD, MKDS, and MKW pages, although his activity in these games is sporadic at best. He enjoyed some mild success in the early days of MKW, holding many North American regional records for the first few weeks, but he stopped playing after two months and has since fallen out of the top 100. Robin also played online under the nickname Honekko and was a leader of the "MK64 Stars" clan that dominated MKW's Wifi scene for those early months. While he enjoys the entire kart series, the vast majority of Robin's karting time has been spent on MK64, so his rank in the other games is quite low. Perhaps someday if he "maxes out" in MK64 he will consider putting serious effort into climbing the ranks of another Mario Kart.

Staff Member

Much more than his karting abilities, Robin is known for the various contributions he has made to the community as a staff member. In 2004, Robin joined the staff of the MK64 site by introducing the Rivalry feature for comparing three or more players at once. Similar rivalry pages were soon added to the other kart sites. Robin continued updating the MK64 rivalries manually for many years until the site was revamped in 2008.

Although the rivalries were Robin's original claim to fame, he has always been eager to help out the MK64 site wherever he is needed, which has led him to take on a wide variety of jobs over the years. Most notably, he was the sole times updater from 2005 to 2008 and distributed the POW awards from 2007 to 2010.

Robin was one of the original trio of MKWii updaters with William Lacey and Kristopher Will, performing the bulk of the times updates for the first few months. He has also used his knowledge of Japanese to help contact and recruit Japanese players and webmasters to ensure the kart community includes the best players, times, and strategies in the world.


Robin is known as Honko on the message board, where he is a global moderator with well over 4000 posts. He can often be found engaging in witty[citation needed] banter with his comedy partner Zarkov. He has also run several board projects over the years, including mafia games, MK64 team challenges, and the 2008 and 2010 Karter Contests. Robin is also a veteran of the #mariokart IRC channel, where he likes to cause trouble and call people names. Between cheap insults he has also found the time to create bots for mafia and trivia games.

Famous Quotes

<Honko> [...] dudes are hot clark

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