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William Lacey

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William "Susan" Lacey (shadow) is a Mario Kart 64 player, staff member, and occasionally a popular personality in the kart community, finishing 3rd in the Karter Contest 2004, 6th in the 2006 contest, 5th in the 2008 contest,and he also won Karter Contest 2010. He is a veteran in the community, but is still active on the forum and the chatroom. He is an administrator on the mariokart server, and on the forum.

Early Days

William started his karting career early. 13 years before the release of super mario kart, his parents bought him his first kart, pictured above. You can see him keeping a tight line near the grass, although MTs proved to be quite difficult. Many years later, he stumbled across a friend's snes and mariokart, and played a little time trials, staying up late trying to beat his times. A week later, unable to find a snes to buy, he bought an N64 and mariokart64.

MK64 Achievements

  • First player to reach GOD rank on MK64.
  • First player to prove that SC GOD was possible. (by being the first to get the final SC God time)
  • Holding the Dkjp 3lap record by over 1.5 seconds, 5 years after the game was released.
  • Holder of a WR for the longest consecutive time period.
  • Born on the exact same day as Michael Liem

More Stuff and things

Unfortunately, William never managed to be world champion, despite being ranked at the very top for years. He was ranked 2nd behind Sami Cetin for some time, and while he eventually overcame Sami, it was not until after Michael Jongerius had taken the top spot. Born to runner up, he occasionally likes to quote Buzz Aldrin "Second comes right after first!". He is still active, regaining a few WRs and the #2 spot in 2009.

Site Contributions

He has also done a lot of work as a staff member: Running the MK64 site, the MKwii site, and the combined rankings site. Writing the 150cc site, and yearly sites for mk64. Updating news for mk64 and mkwii. Designing the program to generate mariokart stats in MB sig pictures. Modding the forum, and currently remodelling the mk64 site to look less craptastic. And strat writing. And award deciding. Occasionally, the only person doing any work whatsoever, he's probably working on something mariokart site related right now.

Other non-mk64 games

He had a short career in the early days of MKDD, where he used to be ranked around the top 10, but is now hidden in mid-table obscurity. He played MKwii when it first came out too, getting a few early WRs, but generally being noobtacular and spending more time running the mkwii site than playing the game. He recently started MKSC, and is ranked in the 50s. He has some hoarded times in Smk (because he was too lazy to write them down), to bring him into the 100s. And as for MKDS...well...he's awful at that.


Willaim Lacey as Susan.jpg

Surprisingly, William may well be better known for his cross-dressing than his karting. Posting a picture of himself dressed as a maid nicknamed Susan a few years ago, and supposedly taken at Halloween. The costume came complete with wig, laced dress, dust wand, apron, and an enigmatic pout. Susan is now accepted on the site without as much as an arched eyebrow, and is just as likely to be doing updates and driving times as William is.

William/Susan is highly respected in the kart community, for both his karting achievements, programming contributions and personality (he has a degree in Math, so he knows something about everything).

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