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Daniel Sampson

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Daniel Sampson, most commonly known as MagicLapras, is an Australian video gamer player who plays many Nintendo games, mainly Pokémon and Mario series games. His competitive gaming career started in 2007 when he joined the MKSC time trial site, and the other Mario Kart games followed. He also had a brief period where he was a competitive Pokémon battler starting from X and Y, but has since retired. His active role in competitive time trialing in Mario Kart also died down on the players page, but continued on the high score site Cyberscore. He made his return September 2019 when Nintendo Switch Online added SNES games to it's line-up, one of which being Super Mario Kart.

SMK Career

Daniel has played both the PAL and NTSC versions of the game, but currently plays NTSC on the Switch. He returned in 2019 after being inactive since 2014. On the PAL rankings he is ranked 338th. NTSC rankings yet to be determined, but he is aiming to become the NTSC Australian #1.

MK64 Career

Daniel has been inactive on the MK64 rankings for quite some time. He is ranked 676th place on the non-SC rankings, and 225h on the shortcut rankings.

MKSC Skills

Daniel broke into the time trialing scene with this game, although he has been inactive since 2014. He is ranked 86th on the non-SC rankings, which is also his shortcut ranking. He has some notable achievements in this game. He holds the tied shortcut flap WR in Cheese Land, and also holds 6 shortcut Australian records.

MKDD Career

Inactive since 2011. He has played both 50hz and 60hz, but was most recently active on 50hz. His 50hz ranking is 232nd, 60hz 815th, and combined 976th.

MKDS Career

Inactive since 2010. He is a non-PRB player, and is currently ranked 448th

MKWii Career

Inactive since 2010. He is ranked on the combined times at 482nd

MK7 Career

Inactive since 2012, and doesn't have a full timesheet. He is ranked 442nd on the course only rankings.

MK8 Career

Inactive since 2014. He is ranked 453rd on the Wii U non-DLC ranking.

Other Info

Daniel lives in Australia. His first video game was Super Mario Land on Game Boy. Apart from games, he also like the National Rugby League(NRL) and the V8 Supercars. He also likes various slice of life anime such as Lucky Star

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