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Alencar Faria

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Alencar Faria, Brazilian #1 in the Mario Kart Combined Rankings

Give Alencar Faria some time and a controller and he'll show what he's made of! He is one of the best, if not the best video game player from Brazil, and shows us his potential whenever he feels like competing in any game. Alencar's #1 Brazilian spot in the Mario Kart Combined Rankings is one of his many gaming accomplishments.

Alencar started competing in time trials when he thought nobody could beat him at Super Mario Kart. As he got tired of not being challenged, he decided to search the internet for some time trial challenges. When he first saw the Super Mario Kart Players' Site records for the first time, he thought they must all be liars, because he was so sure of his skills. As he continued looking at the times, he realized that he had found what he was looking for, and was just losing time. He returned to his beloved Mario Circuit 1 and tried it for some time, and eventually he saw that the world records were achievable. After some time, he joined the site with some outrageous PRs, including an amazing MC1 5-lap (top 5), and was ranked 25th overall. Much has happened since then, and between quits and comebacks, Alencar got to the place he always belonged to: the top of the rankings. He currently stands at #3, and Brazilian #2.

SMK, however, is not Alencar's greatest love among Mario Karts. His favorite is Mario Kart Super Circuit, the one in which he believes he has the most potential. He never took it as seriously as SMK, but he'll need to get moving if he ever wants to reach the top. Alencar discovered some new strats to add some more competition in the rankings, and this is probably what motivates him the most. He's been active lately, getting some very strong times and even a WR. These achievements brought him back to the top 10.

Alencar is also ranked in the other 3 Mario Karts, but he never spent much time on them, so he is not ranked that well. It's not only a matter of time, but of will. Lately he's been busy with other games.

Outside the Mario Kart world, Alencar is also a force to be reckoned with in Crazy Taxi. He holds some crazy records in this game. International Super Star Soccer Deluxe and Perfect Dark are other games in which he tends to own whoever faces him.

In his personal life, Alencar is also a very talented musician and a skilled goalkeeper. He sometimes meets with other players (mostly Ciro Oliveira and Leonardo Vieira, and Guilherme Arantes once in a while) to chill and have some fun. He works at Brasília's subway as a train driver.

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