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Mickael Smolen

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Mickaël Smolen is an all-around karter from France. He is mostly known from his performances in MKSC, MKW and MK7.

Best all-time ranks

  • Former World Champion (#1) of the MK7 Players' Page rankings
  • Former Vice World Champion (#2) of the MKSC Players' Page rankings
  • #3 of the MKW Players' Page rankings
  • #2 of the Mario Kart Combined Rankings

Best current ranks (as for October 2012)

  • #3 of the MKSC Players' Page rankings
  • #3 of the MK7 Players' Page rankings
  • #3 of the Mario Kart Combined Rankings

Notable awards

  • Karty 2010 award for the "Best accidently discovered technique" earned on the SMK Non-NBT Players' Site, for the first beneficial use of gas releasing during waterslides...
  • ... and 1 Gold Star award earned on the SMK Non-NBT Players' Site, in October 10, 2010, for the same reason
  • 2 "Player of the Quarter" awards : one earned on SMK PP (2nd Quarter 2010) and one on MKSC PP (4th Quarter 2009)

The beginning

Mickaël started karting very early with SMK at the young age of 4. His passion for time trials sparked with MKSC a few years later where he played casually (only with Yoshi and without the R button !).

However it won't be until 2008 with MKW that he get online access and start to get known to rest of the world. He grabs his first ever WR on Maple Treeway in April 17th, 2008, followed by a few others in the upcoming months.

He found the MKW Players' Page in June, and entered the ladder directly in the top 20. He climbed as far as #3 overall before his Wii died on him. Even after getting a replacement he gave up the Average Finish race to focus on specific tracks, and also try the competition in other kart games.

Back to his true love

He joined the MKSC Players' Page in July 2008, shortly after entering the MKW rankings, then starting at a modest place, below the top 60. He decided to tackle seriously what was already is favorite kart game in August, and his intense playing sessions eventually him to #4 by the end of the year, and would reach his peak at the end of 2009 by becoming the vice-World Champion of the site, without using cheats ZZMTs. He still plays occasionally the game since the middle of 2010, hitting a few PR's WR's here and there, and recently upgraded his DS for pro-ZZMTing in September 2012.

Other Kart games

He also invested a fair share of his time in most of the other kart games : he hit the top 100 in MK64 and MKDS (now out of it for the latter), and the top 50 in SMK. MKDD remains the only game that is relatively untouched for many years, being ranked in the top 400 there.

The release of Mario Kart 7 was the opportunity for him to jump in the competition from the start for the first time. He became the first World Champion of the MK7 Players' Page, and went on to keep the title and dominate the scene until the middle of 2012. He is not very active anymore, but is still currently ranked #3 overall (as of October 2012).

His balanced karting abilities propulsed him up to #2 on the Mario Kart Combined Rankings (currently placed #3 as of October 2012).

Community contributions

He used to work for the MKSC and MKW sites as a times updater. He was also a former news updater for the MKSC site, occasionally giving minor awards.

He is currently a times updater for the MK7 site, pretty much since its inception, although his current activity is sparse.

Karter Contests

2k10 edition

  • Last 64 in the main contest
  • 4th in the prediction contest

2k12 edition

  • Final Four in the main contest (still going)
  • Rigged Organised the prediction contest

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