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Kevin McAteer

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Kmacc is a modest karter from the USA who has played every kart, with the most success being in MKDS. He currently ranks 94th in SMK (NTSC), 175th in MK64, 32nd in MKSC, 365th in MKDD, 36th in MKDS, and 125th in MKWii.

Kmacc didn't start playing competitive kart until late 2005, with the release of MKDS. With painful hours of dedication, he competed with the world's best time trialers, reaching into the top ten on a few occasions, the latest being mid-2007. He worked hard to keep himself in the top 20 for over two years, and even hit a few WRs along the way, the first being DH flap 22"228 in October 2006. He eventually retired in August 2007 due to a second broken DS, and has not karted on MKDS since. To this day, he still remains one of America's top ranked karters.

Along the way, Kmacc had some other brief karting stints throughout the other games. Although there was never much success compared to his MKDS days, he still competes to this day. Most recently, he's been playing MKSC, where he looks to maybe one day move into the top 20 and beyond, and possibly accomplish some of the things he did while on his MKDS run.

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