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Thomas van Leeuwen

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Thomas van Leeuwen is a Dutch player, who joined the kart community around June 2005. He started out playing Mario Kart Double Dash, where at the time of writing he is ranked just inside the top 50 and has achieved the Titan B standard. He has also played Mario Kart 64, where he is King B, and at Mario Kart DS he is Expert D.

Thomas is better known in the community for his forum contributions. Under the name of "TvL" he makes posts ranging from serious remarks to attempts at being funny. Well-known examples of his forum activity are the pools he organized for the World and European Cups soccer since 2006. You can also find him sharing his thoughts and knowledge in any topic involving mathematics or physics.

One of his major contributions to Mario Kart is his "MKDD for noobs" site, which is a sort of "MKDD-opedia", containing techniques, strats, and more (see link below).

Thomas's surname is actually a pseudonym. Although his real surname is no longer a big secret (it's Beuman), he continues to use "Van Leeuwen" and his nick "TvL" since that's how he has come to be known.

In real life, Thomas is a physics PhD student, with a keen interest in mathematics and programming as well. He is also an avid chess player.

Thomas also took part in the 2006, 2008 and 2010 Karter Contests. In the first of these he was owned by Alex Penev in the first round. In 2008 he got kicked out by Michael Fried, but not before showing off his juggling skills. In 2010 he was beaten by Tom Gaffikin.

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