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Make That Jump

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Make That Jump has accomplished a lot in only a short stint on the Mario Kart 64 site. He joined the MK64 site in June 2005. His first submissions were a bit unusual because they contained a lot of enthusiastic PR-ing stories that were all written in Dutch... After a while he changed his language to English to make sure more people would understand him, and only a bit later again he discovered the Message Board, and started contributing there. His posts are often funny, interesting and confusing at the same time, and usually contain a large number of smileys. His presence and good activity livened up the MK64 board quite a bit. Some people thought his posts were a bit crazy at the beginning, but soon everyone liked Make That Jump's enthusiasm and his love for the game and community. Make That Jump contributed many MK64 videos. He's also known for creating some cool rap videos (including a rap song about the Mario Kart community).

His MK64 career has been very impressive. He is currently ranked #6 in Non-SC and was the Shortcut Champion (currently #2). He is one of only two people to ever hit all 52 GOD times, is #2 in Universal AF, and has 8 WRs. One of those world records broke the famed WS sc 3lap time set by Ben Miller. On 16 April 2007 Make That Jump became the first karter to land a 5/6 shortcut on Choco Mountain.

Last but not least, Make That Jump is also a member of the MK64 updating team. He updated the timesheet for over a year, a very time consuming and important job, and also wrote news updates for the World Record page.

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