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Andy Lundeen

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Andy Lundeen

Andy Lundeen is known as Shock on the forums, although for a while his username was NStride. He is the MKSC world champion.

Andy is/was a news writer for the MKWii player's page and a times updater as well. More recently he was added on as staff for the MKSC page as news writer and times updater there as well. Although he tries to be humorous and do a good job from time to time, sometimes college studies can be a bit... time consuming. Andy has been a member of the message board since early 2009 and is a regular poster in the General, MKSC, and MKWii sections. From time to time you'll probably catch him in the chatroom too.

Andy is a former MKWii player before his retirement from the game in August 2010, but the highlight of his career in kart definitely lies in MKSC. He climbed from #39 to #3 in 7 months in 2011. It was another burst of play in early 2012 that sent him past Sebastian Stellmacher to claim #1 overall. Since then he's continued to play and now has created a significant gap between himself and second place.


Andy is currently studying physics and math and hopes to become a successful theoretical physicist/cosmologist. He's got a ways to go though as he's only 19 years old and a sophomore/junior in college. On the side, he really enjoys reading philosophy and playing MKSC time trials as well as occasional head to the gym or play tennis or racquetball. Fun fact: he was given a unicycle as a Christmas gift while a young child, and since then has conquered riding it and knows how to juggle at the same time as well. Andy is also a marathon finisher (3'46) and has traveled around the world.

The Meet

Andy is also a familiar face from the meetup with former MKSC #1 Terrence Fenner. On July 5th 2011, he traveled over to Fenner's home and watched him play live while live streaming to the rest of the community. Since then, the community has learned and harnessed the power of the ironing board, and many PRs owe their performance to the ironing board (even PRs involving eating contests).


Andy is in general a soft-spoken individual. Always willing to be a friend and offer a listening ear to others' perspectives and thoughts, his insights generally carry decent value on the MB.

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