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Etch is a MK64 and MKDS player foremost. He dabbled in SMK and MKDD briefly but found no enjoyment there.

Ultimately, his heart truly belongs to MKSC.

He is currently ranked Titan A non-sc/Titan A sc in mksc, Legend A non-sc/Legend B sc/Legend A universal in mk64, Myth D non-prb/Titan D prb in mkds, Star D in smk, and Expert C in mkdd. He joined the Mario Kart community in December 2005. It was mkds that he would experience the most notoriety with by topping out at #12 in non-prb on two occasions and #9 in prb Time Trials. When he got into pr ruts or needed something to take his mind off his falling rank on mkds, he decided to give mk64 a spin. Slowly but surely, he got the hang of it and made his run up to the top 40 non-sc and top 20 sc overall. Eventually, this put him into the top 10 universal ntsc. Oddly enough, he's best at mksc where his quick rise to the top 10 non-sc earned him POY 2009. Years later, he started playing the shortcuts and after a slow start rose to the very top scoring numerous world records in both no restriction and no trick disciplines. Besides time trials, he's achieved all triple star ratings in GP mode without any coins and also collected all 2200 coins in 50cc/100cc/150cc. Perhaps for his recent marathon sessions in wasting time, he earned the POY 2016!

One never retires from kart so even in the greatest pr despair, one eventually does get a new time through patience and hours upon hours of sacrifice. No one likes a whiner. In addition to Time Trials, he has contributed a lot to the MKDS and MKSC Players' Pages and Mario Kart MB with usually helpful posts to newer members if they are not tools and just talking with fellow karters.

He is also the news/site updater for the MKDS Players' Page and one of the board ninjas for the Mario Kart MB. When things were seeming to fall apart over in mkds, he rose to the challenge to assist Sean Sullivan becoming a site moderator and doing news/time updates along with adding some other features. On June 10th 2007, he created the new WR page for mkds. For a long time, there had not been a monument to the best mkds times but that all changed after borrowing the layout design from mk64. Besides keeping track of all the best known times, there is a painstakingly accurate WR history giving tribute to almost all players who have helped in the art of time trials. He also made the push for new standards and those eventually made their way onto the site. Possibly a reward for his kart efforts, Mark Jones knighted Etch a global ninja. He briefly served as a master ninja to help run the karter contests. Although he went out in the first round of the 2006 Karter Contest, he ended up making it to the semifinals and took 3rd place overall in the 2008 Karter Contest, was the runner-up in the 2010 / 2012 Karter Contest, reached the quarterfinals in the 2014 Karter Contest, and was the runner-up in the 2016 / 2018 Karter Contest.

Since nobody else was doing anything, he later revamped the MKSC Players' Page to showcase both non-sc and sc times. This brought in some fresh blood to a mostly dead game but his WR page finally gives these world records proper recognition. Besides the fastest known times, the top 25 for each course and lap are listed along with an overall ranking. This is the only kart you can literally play anywhere so it remains to this day his daily fix for mario kart.

He also played mkds wifi as j0kicka55. With a record of 2176-201, he was a formidable opponent in the earlier days of mkds. The wifi competition was one of the unique features of this game which was one reason several players delayed or avoided time trials due to the large amount of fun over boring single player mode. Eventually amassing over 4000 wins, he returned to time trials so as not to fall too far down the charts.

Other accomplishments include placing Pobre in Purgatory, converting a 7-10 split, getting a college degree, deleting thousands of posts, Crazy Taxi 1/2/3 Champion, Sonic R Champion, and finding time to waste updating various kart sites.