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Sean Sullivan

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Sean Sullivan

Sean Sullivan is a Mario Kart 64 player and a Mario Kart DS player, a Mario Kart DS staff member, and forum moderator.

Sean Sullivan joined the Mario Kart 64 Players' Page in August 2004 using Mario as his driver in a stubborn display of middleweight karting. He switched to Toad and reached the Elite rank in December 2004. After his progress stalled, he met up with Martin McMullan to seek his advice and improved dramatically. Sean continued playing steadily until October 2005 when he reached non shortcut Legend F and 54th place. Since then he has only been active on Mario Kart 64 in short bursts and minimal improvements.

A week before the release of Mario Kart DS, Sean decided he would create the Mario Kart DS Players' Page. He set up a prelim site for the US release date and updated it until the current design was adopted. As a Mario Kart DS player, Sean was active for the first two months and claimed a few world records on the quickly growing site, most notably on Rainbow Road. Sean remained the primary updater, proof moderator, forum moderator, and news updater for the first two months after release. After finding other staff members to help with his work, he remains as the news writer and forum moderator and occasionally acts as a times updater and proof moderator.

Sean has also worked on a few computer projects for the Mario Kart websites. In Summer 2005 he maintained his own copy of the Mario Kart 64 Players' Page in an Excel sheet and appeased the members of the Mario Kart IRC chatroom in their requests for up-to-the-minute rank updates. He also coded the PR history section of the Mario Kart DS Players' Page in January 2006.

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