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Sebastian Stellmacher

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Sebastian Stellmacher, also known as Boom3r, lives in Osnabrück (Germany) and was born on the 10th December, 1988. He ranked #2 in Mario Kart Super Circuit and ranked #8 in Super Mario Kart (#3 Non-NBT).

Super Mario Kart

Getting started - 2004

Sebastian started playing Super Mario Kart with his friends about 1 year after it's release. In the summer of 2004 one of those friends, Walter G. (current #159) challenged him at MC1 Time Trialing. Some days later, they found NBT Videos on a German gaming-site and also the link to the SMK Players' Page. Another friend of Sebastian and Walter joined the "battle", it was Danijel D. (current #50), who climbed into the Top30 before he stopped karting. All three sent their timesheet to Sami's Site in September 2004 and had quite a few SMK-Meetings to improve their times while having a lot of fun.

More than active - 2005

Walter and Danijel stopped karting in 2005 but Sebastian kept playing and already got his first World Record on the 4th of February. It was the Koopa Beach 1 NBT f-lap and he dominated KB1 for a long time. Despite several other WR's, Sebastian reached the Top10 at the end of March and is there since. Only two month later he passed Armin Huber and became the German Time Trial Champion for the first time. Armin and Sebastian swaped positions a few times and on the 21st of August he took the 3rd place in front of Sami Cetin. Sami and Armin repassed him and Sebastian went inactive for some time. He was the Player of the 2nd Quarter that year.

Relaxing on the beach - 2006

In 2006 Sebastian made only a few PR's and mainly KB1 World Record improvements. He was the first one who broke the '50 barrier.

Original way of karting - 2007

At the beginning of 2007 Sebastian noticed that he could drop out of the Top10 quite soon and started to play more seriously. After karting a lot he finally got the German Crown again and still is the proud German Time Trial Champion. Later that year Sebastian gave Non-NBT an honest try and was hunting for the GOD-Times. He passed the German Champion quite fast and worked his way up to #3.

Lack of activity - 2008

Sebastian stayed active at the beginning of 2008 and got the Karty Award 2008 for the "Most Unbeatable PAL World Record" (KB2 5-lap 1'00"67).

One special World Record - 2009

Only 4 quick NBT records were done by Sebastian that year. But more important was the only Non-NBT record he made because he sneaked in front of Karel van Duijvenboden and reached his best SMK position ever. Karel made some PR's and regained the #2 place pretty quick. Sebastian's record was also a World Record and the first time someone accomplished the around-the-lake route all five laps at Choco Island 2. So Sebastian got the Karty Award 2009 for the "Most Unbeatable World Record" again.

Nothing special yet - 2010

Sebastian only got one "01 flap improvement so far.

Mario Kart Super Circuit

Quick rise to the top - 2007

Sebastian started competing in Mario Kart Super Circuit and joined the Players' Site on the 23rd of March. Only two weeks later he improved all of his times and got his first World Record (RVL2 flap 5"38). In the following months he broke numerous WR's and passed Pierre L'Hoëst to gain the World Champion title in June. After 64 days as #1, L'Hoëst modified his GBA and used ZZMT to reclaim the #1 spot. Sebastian went inactive because he refused to modify his GBA.

Successful comeback - 2008

In May 2008 Sebastian decided to open his GBA and make it Pro-ZZMT. A strong battle with Pierre L'Hoëst started, they invented many new ZZMT strats and swapped positions 4 times at the end of May until Sebastian took the lead again. He is the World Champ since 28th of May and reached an incredible amount of 75/80 World Records in July. The Player of the Year Award was given to him for his great performace this year.

Quite inactive - 2009

Sebastian lost over 20 World Records but still had a big lead as #1. The only two records he got were two Ribbon Road World Records.

A dream come true - 2010

Sebastian made a monumental achievement in getting one of the strongest World Records in Mario Kart history. After playing Rainbow Road for about 2 years on and off he finally beat Hirano's 5 years old WR by "10.

Judgment Day: The Prophecy! - 2011

As of June 13, Terrence Fenner dethrone his #1 spot. Will he return? We'll find out.

Hopefully HE WILL BE #2 FOREVER - 2012

Sebastian said "Fuck Super Circuit. Whoever is better than me in the game, let the person beat me! I'm done!". Andy beat him clean...along with Terrence Fenner


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