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Cameron Tangen

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Cameron with his wife

Cameron Tangen (aka Enigmaticcam, Camster) first discovered the MK rankings in 2005, and almost immediately followed it by submitting his first MKDD times. Since then, he has participated in each both subsequent iterations of MK: MKDS and MKWii. At the time of this writing, he is currently ranked #164 in MKDD, #145 in MKDS, and #212 in MKWii (and is considering joining the MK64 ranks soon). He is currently not active in any MK game at this time.

Cameron is very good at a lot of things, but never good enough at one single thing to be considered the best. His major claim to fame is winning the MKDS Evo Championship in 2006, a grand prize of $5,000 (other contestants include Josh Habben (Husky) and Glen Cravens (The Game II)). He thus attained worldwide prestige, and can barely walk out of his house to check the mail without getting bombarded with screaming hot chicks asking to have their boobies signed.

These days you will mostly find him meandering aimlessly in the MK General Discussion boards, spouting frivolous nonsense and acting like he's some kind of genius or something.

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