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Taylor Fankhauser

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Taylor "Fank009"hauser is a Kiwi Karter and MKMB personality of varying degrees.

humble beginnings

Fank grew up on smk, nothing more i can say about that, nothing great, but loved the way it played. Unfortunatley before any real talent could be discovered (still hadnt unlocked 150cc :(), in 2003-2004 Fanks SNES lost video feed, and the snes was chucked :(

A New Hope (2006-2009)

Fanks Karting Career seemed to be over before it began, but a cry was answered from the heavens, A good mate of Fanks at school, Had MK64, 1st it was just the two of them, pecking away at various cups, and then, Some more mates were invited, and thus started a weekly tradition of some good 4 player mario kart, And as they played, they grew in skill, and became the greatest karting band in NZ of all time...

Going Mad (2009)

Fanks karting "career" still hadnt started, But he knew some impressive stuff (back then). That all changed in 2009, when a jealous Fank got a nice red DS Lite, AND MKDS too top it off, picking it up like a natural, it only took a few months to get everything 100%. And then it was on to Time trialing.

The start of a dream

Fank was thinking How bout i show the world my stuff, So after searching google for 0.23 seconds, he came across the MKDS TT site. After starting from Humble beginnings, He slowly, started climbing up the ranks, Before he reached any major milestone, Thats when fank started competing competitively.

The start of a legacy (2010)

Fank started competiing in various games, if it was there, he competed in it, He jumped from community to community, until he finally went on the MK board. Fank had allready created a name for himself elsewhere, and it was time to take it to new heights. Meanwhile, Fank learned the art of snaking, And soared up the rankings, He's still low in the NZ rankings, but hes close to taking some records, Fank climbed the charts till he settled, under the 500 mark and a rank of Int C

Expanding to new games

While Fanks DS started to play up, (dat r button) Fank concentrated on other games. Having got MKwii, Fank had officially joined the combined competition, albeit in a low place, Seeing how bikes are superior, He's been working on his bike times, and made a mark in the charts, currently ranked 404 with a rank of Beg B

Online competition

Fanks karting career, took a break/jump when came out, fank was in one of those phases, and joined the site for a fresh look,

As an influence of the online competition, fank finally invested in the old skool karts he like to play Joining the SMK and MK64 PPs.

the birth of a legend (forum involvement)

All of fanks hard work, being fank (yes it is hard to be fank,) has finally paid off, after enough people saw enough in him to be considered for KC2K12. Fank had a hard time adapting in, but he squeezed in nicely. A regular at irc, he likes confusing people with his strange comments at times, his sharp wit, and his drive to kart.

Having 4 karts to his name, atm he is NZ's only jack, And chance to be represented in mario kart.

The 2012 Karter Contest
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