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Mario Kart Super Circuit

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Mario Kart SC

Mario Kart Super Circuit is a racing game released in August of 2001 for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance. It is sequel to Super Mario Kart, Mario Kart 64, and the popular series continued with Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart Wii. It also has the most tracks with 40, including retro tracks.

Terminology and Tactics

Time Trials

The Mario Kart Players Page has run MKSC time trial competition since the game's release, and the current site was relaunched in April of 2006. The current world champion is Andy Lundeen non-sc and Hahaae shortcut.


Course Strategies

Mushroom Cup

Peach Circuit

Course strat: Start the race off with a powerslide around the first turn, mini-turboing through the grass on the inside of the track. Then, after navigating through the series of gentle zig-zag turns, you'll come across a patch of grass with the track going around it. Instead of following the track around the grass, use a shroom to cut through it. Then, at the next 90-degree corner, do a powerslide, but don't release the mini-turbo just yet. Hold it off until the next turn. Release the MT just before the last turn and use it to cut across the grass and save yourself some extra time. Then, just do the same thing for the other two laps.

Fast lap strat: For all fast laps, it is recommended that you do it on any other lap besides the first lap, since personal research shows that the first lap is never as fast as the others. Anyway, on to the strat.

Start off the lap with the powerslide mentioned above. Then, instead of navigating around the zig-zag section, use two shrooms to cut across the inside of the track, saving the second one until the first one is about worn off. Then, while your second shroom is just about to wear off, the third shroom should be used at the same spot as the course strat. Then just finish the lap off with the same strat mentioned above in the course strat.

Course strategies are still being discussed in regards to the rules adhering to the site.

If you wish to find the strategies for completing each course in the fastest way then you should go to the japanese shortcut video page The site also accepts shortcut times now.

There are strats on gamefaqs but many of them will be out of date or involve ticking/tricking which is banned for non-sc - see terminology.

  • Riverside Park
  • Shy Guy Beach
  • Bowser Castle 1 MKSC
  • Mario Circuit MKSC

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