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Michael Liem

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Michael Liem (pronounced "leem") is a Mario Kart player, and administrator of the Mario Kart community. He has competed in Mario Kart 64, Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.

Michael is said to be the glue that binds the kart communities together. He started out his karting career in SMK, where he was the NTSC champion for several years (1996-97, 2000-01) and the first person outside Japan to break the historic barrier of 1'00"00 on MC1.

He moved on to MK64, where he was one of the first PAL players to start competing online. He has played MK64 consistently over the years and remains one of the top players (he has also held WRs in the game). Michael is probably best known for his dedication to the MK64 site and the kart community as a whole. He created the Excel-based spreadsheet that is used to update the MK64 charts, and takes a managerial role in the updating team. Michael's tools were also used for the initial MKSC and MKDD sites, and he is the founder of the Yahoogroups, news updating script and historical archives of the MK64 Players' Page. He was also instrumental in the creation of the standards for several of the kart sites.

Michael has been and is one of the few financial supporters of the domain. He maintains backups of the site, and is one of the administrators of the forum and the entire server. Michael serves an advisory role in the sites for the kart games he has not played - he is always serious and rarely jokes around, so when he speaks, everyone listens. Fortunately, he always comes up with good ideas and has wise things to say, making him one of the highest respected members of the community.

Michael also seems to be quite good at piano, judging by a video he once showed of a recital in which he was only a little boy.

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