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Jamie Disley

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Jamie Disley, also known as Jimbo, is a British MKDD and MKW player. Jamie joined the Player’s Page forums in March 2009, but didn’t start submitting his times until August 2009. He is currently ranked #22 on the MKW charts and #90 on the Combined MKDD charts.

Mario Kart Wii

Jamie purchased Mario Kart Wii in September 2008, but did not start playing competitively until October 2008, which was when he got wifi. Shortly after getting wifi, Jimbo achieved his first Worldwide Top 10 time on SNES Ghost Valley 2, with a time of 54.273. When a new strategy was discovered on rGV2, Jamie was quick to take advantage and rapidly moved up the ranks, and in January 2009, he tied the World Record of 53.685 originally set by Keoni. Jimbo broke this WR tie, gaining his first overall WR with a time of 53.659, but was beaten by Keoni some time later. After the WR exchange, Jimbo prevailed with a time of 53.546, which then stood for several months. In the process, Jamie also claimed his first flap WR on rGV2 with a time of 16.631.

After his rGV2 endeavours, Jamie decided to focus on claiming the WR of another track, SNES Mario Circuit 3. After moving up through the ranks, Jimbo claimed the WR in late April 2009 with a time of 1:18.778. A WR battle ensued, with Jimbo, Unreal and Brendan all having the rMC3 WR at one point in time. Jamie was the one who prevailed though, settling with a time of 1:18.646 in July 2009, which lasted for several months. The next challenge on rMC3 for Jamie came in the form of Japanese player NOBUO, but Jimbo survived this too and settled on a time of 1:18.498, which lasted for a couple of months.

During his tenure at the top of the charts on rMC3, Jimbo also took the flap WR there with a time of 24.111. Soon after he took this flap WR for the first time, Jamie had competition from MVT, and as a result a lengthy battle for this WR began. The eventual winner of this battle that lasted several months was Jimbo, achieving a time of 24.030, slightly short of the epic sub 24. Some weeks later, Jamie tried this flap once again and managed to improve his time and he subsequently was the first person to achieve the highly anticipated sub 24, attaining 23.974. Jimbo is still the only person to have achieved this sub at the moment.

In late 2009, Jamie reclaimed the rGV2 WR with a time of 53.386 and held it briefly, but hasn’t improved since then and as a result he currently lies 4th WW.

Jamie has not be very active on MKW in 2010, and has only scored a few PRs this year so far. He did pick up the BC flap WR at one point this year and currently holds it with a time of 42.728. He also improved his rMC3 3lap and flap times to 1:18.425 (4th WW) and 23.952 (WR) respectively. Jamie currently lies #22 on the PP with a set of times where some are much stronger than others; he has times that are ranked first but also has times that are outside the top 100. Jamie is currently inactive on Mario Kart Wii but plans on returning to the game some time in the future.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Jamie picked up a copy of Mario Kart: Double Dash!! In early August 2009, but didn’t submit his times until the end of the month. When he joined, he was ranked 198th overall and was an Expert A according to the standards.

Jamie has been playing MKDD sporadically over the past few months, and rose through the ranks quite quickly, entering the top 100 with relative ease and peaking at #89 overall. Having not played MKDD since February, Jimbo has slipped down a place and currently resides at #90 in the rankings.

Jamie hopes to return to MKDD in the future and reach the Titan ranks (currently Hero A) and possibly begin to learn the advanced technique A-tech.

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