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Simon Laflamme

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Simon Laflamme is ranked very high in all five MK games. He's the only player in the community who's ranked within the top 100 in SMK, MK64, MKDD, MKDS and MKSC! It puts him at 5th place in the combined Mario Kart rankings (where MKSC isn't even included yet).

He's most famous for his SMK career. In the 2nd half of 2001 he joined the SMK site. Within the same year, after an impressive run, he passed top players Sabbagh & Jeram for the #1 spot. He held that spot until april 2002, when he lost his 1st place to Jamie White. He did keep playing though, and together with Jamie he brought the SMK NTSC competition to a new level. With the advent of the new boosting techniques Simon was pushed back a little. Currently his SMK worldrank is #8. Simon also created and maintains the SMK non-NBT time trials site (the alternative time trialing page for people who don't like the new boosting techniques that were discovered about 3-4 years ago). On that non-NBT site Simon is still the NTSC champion.

Simon's MK64 career was a consistent one. Between June 2002 and August 2003 he made a very gradual climb from the Pro ranks to Legend C in August 2003. He did it so gradually that some people never noticed his progress, and were surprised to see him being ranked that high after a year. In the summer of 2005 he returned shortly and reached Legend B.

In MKDD Simon had a fierce start in january 2004, when he quickly reached the top 15. He was inactive between february and july. He played some more in the fall of 2004 and spring and fall 2005 to keep his rank high.

He played MKDS in January 2006. He got most of his times to around top 10 level, and held one WR at Desert Hills.

He wasn't active for a long time on MKSC, but he managed to become #3 in the world there.

Simon goes by the name "Simon" on the message board. Apart from his great karting skills and his great SMK non-NBT updating and SMK historical archives work, he's also known as a person who often makes long and very high quality posts on the forum.

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