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2006 Karter Contest

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The 2006 Karter Contest is known as The Everyone is Equal Edition. 2006 differs from the previous Karter Contest in that:

  • Contestants are not ranked by seeds.
  • A full 64-man bracket has been created, as opposed to the 32-man bracket seen in 2004.

The Contest kicks off in early July (exact time to be determined). To vote, Karters can participate in official Contest Matchup polls on the Kart Boards, or send the name of their daily choice to Sean Sullivan over AOL Instant Messenger at mkart2006, over MSN to, or through e-mail to Your votes will be kept confidential and on days when Sean has a match, the vote collector will be someone else. To be eligable to vote, one of two conditions must be met:

If you are not sure of your eligibility, contact Sully or Mark Jones about your official status.

The Contest & Subcontests

Final Result

The 2006 Karter Contest was won by Sami Cetin, who defeated Alex Penev (winner of the 2004 contest) 81 - 47.

The listing of Contestant Biographies for 2006 is listed below.

The 2006 Karter Contest
Complete Bracket | Prediction Contest | Matchups & Results

Penev Land
Penev | Roodhorst/TvL
Trystan | Grandjean
Karel | Huber
Szabo | Karlo
Jongerius | Everett
Usher | Joe Bernier
Moritz | Lacey
L'Hoest | Karlsson

Jones Land
Wonn | Tanney
Mollenhauer | Taylor
S. Gutierrez/Clark | Jones
Gaffikin | Make That Jump
Lewis | Berger
Miller | Barbetta
Cooper | Halford
White | Dunkel

Liem Land
Cromwell | Ihnatenko
Bunde | Laflamme
Piet/Olivier P | Liem
Whalls | Blumfield
Zwartjes | Hukkelaas
Rodriguez | Sully
Fried | Brauninger
Pobre | Nai

Cetin Land
v/d Fluit | Toch
Habrich | Marcelo
Stinson | TB1
Runnelid | Booth
Bukrim | PYL
Ségas | LPS
Steel/Hedley | Sami
Stelzig | Balch