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Olivier P

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Olivier P is a talented, young Mario Kart Double Dash player from France.

Olivier joined the MKDD Players' Page in March 2005 and has been active most of the time since then. He joined at #272 on the ARR page but without a full set of times. For a few months he had improved dramatically but didn't send a Non-SC WS time and was not ranked until July when he made his Average Finish debut at #37.

Olivier was the first karter in a long time to challenge Marius Mollenhauer for the title of 60Hz champion. While he hasn't yet passed Marius, he did at one stage have half the share of 60Hz WRs, and is currently a solid #2 in 60Hz (10th overall), and a Myth C karter. He has 4 60Hz WRs and 1 overall WR. He was awarded the Player of the Month in April 2006 for this efforts in challenging long-time champ Marius, which spurred Marius into making a comeback in the game.

He goes by the name of 'rockerguitar' on the forums.

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