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Ben Miller

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When you think of Australian Mario Kart 64 players a couple of faces come to mind. One of these people is Ben Miller. He is one of the legends of the players' site, known for his amazing ability to continue to get PRs in Shortcut no matter how high his rank. Currently #6 in Shortcut, Ben has held numerous world records including WS SC 3 lap which was one of the longest held world records ever (held for almost 4 years). Currently he has one world record on YV SC lap.

Ben is one of the legends and one of the few to not play any of the other Mario Kart games competitively. He is also the only person on the planet whose favorite track is Moo Moo Farm, where he held the WR, the first sub-1'13, for a long time. He is one of the few primarily-SC players to have held a Non-SC WR.

Ben was also a N64HSer, and was respectably ranked #1 in 1080° Snowboarding during 2000 in both Time Attack. He also had some great scores in Trick Attack modes. Ben had unverified Time Attack World Records on at least 2 courses - Crystal Lake (1’02”60) and Crystal Peak (1’27”08) until both were beaten in March 2001 by fellow Australian Russell-J-Clapham who took the #1 crown.

At the time this early wiki was written, in his non-kart life, Ben worked in a pizzeria, and was studying in film school. He has a sister, but her pics are not known to have been distributed to anyone. Ben is also known for making a few pool trick-shot videos to show off to the community, and has his own pool table.

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