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David Taylor

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David Taylor (or gingerscot as he's known to the forum) has been around in the community since early 2004. He has played mkdd, mk64 and mkds all to a top 60 level but never quite had the natural skill to be top player, however the commitment was always there and this resulted in many sleepless nights!

MKDD: top position 25th 2 years ago, now 72th Hero B
MK64: top position 54th 1 year ago, now 64th King A
MKDS: top position 19th 6 months ago, now 127th!

He posted considerably on the forums in 2004/5 and has 1027, in his view, good quality posts. This activity led him to becoming a moderator of the general forum, which he still is to this day. Practically no day goes by when a post or topic or poll or Jeff's mess is not deleted by gingerscot. Unfortunately he hasn't been as active as in the past due to work. However, this summer he should make a comeback and get back into the top 100 in MKDS (he can't have that!). Furthermore there are rumours that he has some secret MKSC times up his sleeve. Dave was also one of the "few" on the Mario Kart irc channel during the last few years until Martin McMullan sadly died, which led him to leave the 24h mariokart chat life and try and attempt to earn some money.....he is still trying to this day.

The 2008 Karter Contest
Complete Bracket | Prediction Contest | Matchups & Results

(BOLD indicates players in Round 3)

Mario Circuit (A)
Zwartjes | Jones
Taylor | Fabien
Moritz | L'Hoest
Ellis | Sacco
Toad's Turnpike (E)
Bukrim | Garman
van Asselt | Stinson
Patricio | Tanzer
Duff | Manning
Sherbet Land (I)
Hantson | Sullivan
Pugh | Babjar
Meaks | Bunde
Biff | Booth
DK's Jungle Parkway (M)
G-Danzee | Christensen
Make That Jump | Jongbloed
Hoernemann | Hermanny
Brutus | Sargoth

Peach Beach (B)
Segas | Balch
JSX | DarkRoy
Lacey | mattniss
Stellmacher | Faria
Coconut Mall (F)
Tapani | Benny
Lokken | TB1
Ostro | Langerak
Luca | Huber
Sky Garden (J)
Bhoja | Gregor
Clark | STanney
Stevie | GAS
Holmiere | Finn
Peach Gardens (N)
Holy Moly | Barnard
Billingsley | ALAKTORN
BPA | Rudmarker
Weatherton | Habben

Riverside Park (C)
Leare | Smith
Liem | Dufault
Steel | Engelsman
Karlo | Pacino
Waluigi Pinball (G)
Vince | Welch
Hasso | chili
Needham | Laflamme
PYL | Fried
Koopa Beach (K)
Stelzig | Michorius
Kles | KVD
Honko | Pobre
Shelbourne | LPS
Moo Moo Breadows (O)
Rub | Flemmer
Schiering | Jongerius
NeoSMK | Cole
Sword | Boudreau

Kalimari Desert (D)
Dunkel | Darius
Pulsar | Whalls
Miller | White
Kmacc | TvL
Ghost Valley (H)
Ord | P@UL
Miss April | Marques
Happy | Borne
Gaffikin | Runnelid
Bowser Castle (L)
den Dulk | SEB
Bernier | Maaatthew
Math | Etch
Layne | Wonn
Rainbow Road (P)
Karlsson | Thingy
di Vano | Stoneman
Pabst | Sascha
Cooper | Oliver