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Eric Habrich

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The Hab Trio (Left to Right: Eric, Luke, Troy)

Eric Habrich is a major part of Mario Kart 64 history. He's also considered a very controversial person by various people in the MK64 community.

Eric joined the MK64 site in December 2002. Within one year he made history by becoming the #1 non-shortcut player in the world, in NTSC and also in NTSC and PAL combined (although PAL player Michael Jongerius took away that title from him after some battles). He provided many videos of his records, and bought a server to host all his videos so everyone could download them. He was one of the greatest contributors of all time to the kart community. He made high quality videos for every race except RRo, and many of them are still the fastest NTSC videos available. He was also a good forum contributor, and helped out many people with strats on AIM. This was appreciated a lot by the community.

In 2005, Eric suddenly announced that he's been lying to us all the time. Not about the times, those were real times. He told us he had been lying about his identity. In a video, Eric and two of his friends announced that the times Eric Habrich had been submitting as his own were in fact driven by three different players, and not only by Eric. Those three players were Eric Habrich, Troy Ullman, and Luke Barnard.

According to that video: Eric Habrich only drove the WRs on Moo Moo Farm 3lap and flap. Troy Ullman drove the records on 9 tracks, LR, KB, KD, TT, CM, RRa, DK, YV, and RRo, including a very dominating CM 3lap WR of 1'36"68, which is .6 faster than 2nd place. Luke Barnard drove the records on 6 tracks, FS, MR, WS, SL, BC, and BB, including a historical MR flap WR of 23"11. They announced their retirement in that video and said they created this confession video because they wanted us to know the truth about them before they retired.

This confession video caused a major shock to the MK64 community. After the initial shock, people wondered if the confession was true. People also wondered if the MK64 updating team would allow those 3 players and their times to stay on the site.

In the end the MK64 staff decided that Eric, Troy, and Luke would not be allowed on the site. The times were left up and frozen. The name "Eric Habrich" was removed and replaced by the name "Former Member". Even though no one doubted the truth of the times themselves, the MK64 staff had to make this decision because there was still too much uncertainty about the truth behind Eric's identity. Some people believed the story in the confession video was true. Some other people believed that the confession video was simply a hoax that Eric made up as a (disrespectful) publicity stunt before leaving the site. Regardless of which option is more likely to be true, the staff felt that Eric, Troy, and Luke couldn't be allowed back on the site as long as there was still uncertainty about their true identities. So, unless someone could meet up with them to validate them in person, they could not be be allowed back. This situation was not a great solution for the site, but it was the best thing the MK64 staff could do.

In May 2007, Chris Hames met Luke and the trio was validated. Their times were separated and put on the site under their actual names. Since then, Troy set a new WS flap WR of 1'12"28 and Luke battled with Lucas Oliver for the MR flap WR. Although Lucas came out on top, Luke improved his time to 23"08. Luke also submitted times for the tracks he didn't previously play that were mostly Legend. Luke is currently ranked #28 with his full timeset, and Troy and Eric are #207 and #561 with their incomplete timesets.

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