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Sascha Brauninger

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Sascha Brauninger

Sascha "FalcoX" Bräuninger is the current Mario Kart DS champion and comes from Germany.

Sascha is the German Mario Kart: Double Dash!! "junior" champ, because he won the Best Players Cup 2 MKDD junior cup in may 2005 (junior champ, because all competitors were under the age of 18). A few month later he competed with the older German MKDD players, although Sascha wasn't allowed to take part in the competion, because he still wasn't above 18 years old. But no one noticed this and so he beat great German players like Thorsten "Zelda1983" Kozik and Stefan "Mahrla" Mahrla to achieve third place behind Andreas "Megabowser" Lutter and Tobias "Einzeller" Sünder.

A few month later Mario Kart DS was released, and he became the best German MKDS player. However, this time he couldn't take part at the offical German MKDS tourney to become German champ. But looking at his TT times, everybody knows that he is the best German MKDS player. Sascha became champion in August. He currently holds the most SRs at the MKDS player's page.

Sascha was dethroned May 21, 2007, by Thomas Bolton, who has held the title since. He is in fact no longer the German champ, having been passed by current #5 Timur Ahmad. In fact, he doesn't even hold any SRs. He is currently #10, having not submitted since August 2007.

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