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Brutus is a young man who enjoys playing Mario Kart. His karting career started in 6th grade when he started playing Mario Kart Double Dash. He beat all Grand Prixs with a gold cup, and even got the full 160 points in All Cup Tour. After that, he found the message board but was unable to understand anything that anyone was talking about due to the massive use of kart jargon. He watched a few videos and he thought that they were very impressive. He slowly stopped playing kart (never touching time trials) until Mario Kart DS was released. He got it on Christmas 2005 and enjoyed the game very much. He found the snaking technique on the Nintendo NSider boards and eventually found his way to the players page again. Debuting on the MKDS pp at around 100 he got a massive 28 point af cut and dropped down to the 70’s, steadily karting until he reached the top 40 and getting a phenomenal Banshee Boardwalk flap ranked #7. However, his R button broke and he had to stop playing. He came back again numerous times, on and off, playing wifi and other things and is now regarded as a MKDS legend. He then started playing Mario Kart Super Circuit. His most impressive achievement was getting a Yoshi Desert flap world record for a few hours until Terrence “T-Man” Fenner beat it with zzmts (it remained a site record for half a year until Sebastian Stellmacher went on a zzmt-fueled wr rampage, beating the time). He is number three now though and holds several WR's.

He enjoys wasting lots of time playing MKSC and irc trivia, where he is the undisputed champ. What he lacks in overall knowledge, he makes up for with memorization skills, word association and most important rapid typing. He is known on the boards for being a rude person with no morals and complete lack of respect. He also likes cats a lot, and was born in the year of the monkey.

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