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Louis-Philippe Sabbagh

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Louis-Philippe Sabbagh is a Canadian Mario Kart player from Montreal. He is fluent in English and French. While his name is technically Louis-Philippe, he is usually referred to as just Louis - or even LPS - by his online friends.

If you've read Jason Whalls's entry, you would already be familiar with many of Louis's exploits. He and Jason have been close online friends for almost a decade, and have played and competed in many games together.

During his best years of NTSC-version Super Mario Kart (2000-01), Louis was a multiple-WR holder and made a strong run to claim the #1 position for several months. Even now, after many years' inactivity, he is still ranked #30. But Louis is also well-known for Mario Kart 64, where he specialised in Shortcuts. He has maintained a high position on the ladder (especially SCs) years after becoming inactive. Among Louis's most memorable WRs were a WSSC 3'89 (1st-lap strategy) and MRSC 51'54 (Feb 2003). His FSSC 21'72 stood for 3 years, before finally being beaten, in June 2006, by 0.02. Louis is currently ranked #48 in Non-SC, #8 in SC, and 17th/18th in Universal ARR/AF. Louis was also formerly a MK64 staff-member (times updating).

Apart from the Mario Kart series, Louis was a heavyweight in Diddy Kong Racing, especially Hovercraft. In the active years of the DKR Time Trials page, Louis, Jason and (their closest mutual friend) Kevin Booth formed a scary threeso... umm... feared triumverate. They shared many battles together, including ones for Twin Galaxies brownie points. Some of LPS's records, such as the still-ridiculous 19"74 lap in Pirate Lagoon, were untouchable. Louis was a member of N64HS, too, and has competed in Wave Race 64 and Mario Party, among others.

Outside of gaming, Louis attended university in Montreal. But ever since his co-disappearance with Jason into the dark lands of the World of Warcraft, few are yet to his hear of his recent adventures. Nevertheless, he is fondly remembered by many veterans for his strange humour and light-heartedness. To this day, Louis remains the only karter to have graphically ridiculed Alex Penev, drawning several MS-Paint caricatures of Alex (complete with cowboy-hat and pistol, no less) murdering Olga the Cow to host a barbecue. He is also the only player to have shower videos, locked away safely in Kevin Booth's vault for all eternity.

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