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Thomas Grandjean

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Thomas Grandjean, who lives in Switzerland, is known for his nice MK64 career and his great MK64 updating help. His active MK64 career consisted of a steady rise without any slowdown from 2002 to 2004. He stayed semi-active in 2005, by hitting some occasional PRs. He reached his highest rank in August 2004, at #8 in non-shortcut (rank: Legend+).

Thomas was/is famous for his great POW updates. From October 2003 to August 2004 Thomas provided the MK64 site with his regular weekly updates of the POW/POM page and the WR page. He always added a good news story to his well-thought POW picks. After he quitted that job, the MK64 staff never managed to get the POW updates at that same quality anymore...

Together with Martin McMullan, Thomas created an upgraded version of the National MK64 records page. Thomas also created the french MK64 time trial sitewhich he still maintains succesfully.

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