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Marcelo Almeida dos Reis

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Marcelo Almeida dos Reis is the proud Brazillian karter who has quickly climbed all the way to the ranks of NTSC Non-Shortcut Champion in Mario Kart 64. (Altough he recently slipped down to NTSC #2).

He is ranked #3 overall, and is one of only two NTSC karters to have a winning record versus the frozen times of Former Member Eric Habrich. Marcelo and his Brazillian partner-in-crime, Universal (SC+NonSC) Champion Karlo Tomazelli, have helped the kart community recover from the Dark Ages of Habrich and make the NTSC players proud again.

Marcelo once held the WR for Moo Moo Farm lap at 23"50, a WR for Banshee Boardwalk 3lap (1'44"26) until MJ beats it. All 32 of his Non-SC times are in the top 7, he is one of only six karters to have reached the God rank. His Average Finish is an amazing 3.844 (as of August '06).

Outside of the kart community, Marcelo is making the most of his life as an English teacher in Sergipe, Brazil. On the forums, he once asked his fellow karters to assist him in a Pen Pal Assignment to help his English students improveme their language skills. This assignment ended up being a fun experience for the other kart players of the community who volunteered to help Marcelo, as well as a clever way to give the English students a better understanding of the language by their tutor.

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