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Greg Ihnatenko

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Greg Ihnatenko is a British Mario Kart 64 player.

Greg is a veteran of the game, and has been around for many years. In 2001, when the top100s began being archived, Greg was #16 in NonSC and #2 in SC. With the introduction of many new players over the years, he slipped out of the top 30, but made a comeback in late 2004, and improved his Non-SC back to #24.

But Greg is primarily an SC player. He was 2nd to Alex Penev throughout 2001, until Ben Miller narrowly passed him in September. The top few players remained relatively inactive at this point, with Ben having a very narrow lead over Greg. Throughout the next 3 years, Greg's strong times kept him at the top of the ratings, though he was passed by several others: Mike Simmons and Louis-Philippe Sabbagh in early 2003, Steven Gutierrez and Myles Bukrim in early 2004, as well as Jason Whalls. Steven dethroned Alex in Sept 2004. Greg wasn't having any of that, being behind Alex for so long, that he couldn't let someone else have the fun. He made a strong comeback to kart at the end of 2004, and resumed posting on the forums. In Jan 2005, he pushed past Jason and Mike, and in Feb, Louis-Philippe. In April, Ben Miller was his next victim. All of a sudden, Greg had reached #4 again, but he had Myles, Alex and Steven ahead of him. Meanwhile, some Brazilian dude called Karlo Tomazelli was making a fuss a little way behind him. Greg pushed on and passed Myles, but Karlo narrowly passed Greg, keeping Greg still in 4th. Both of them were on fire in Sept 2005, and caught up to Alex. Greg passed Alex, but quickly had to fend off comeback advances from Myles and Ben, swapping between 3rd and 4th a few times. He remained 4th coming into 2006, until June, when he passed Steven. He then passed Myles for #2, leaving Karlo a long way in front. The fight for 2nd spot was still quite close between Greg/Myles/Steven. Greg stayed at #2 for four months before being passed by new uprising star Make That Jump in October. As of 16-02-2007, he is still comfortably #3, a long way behind VAJ but a long way ahead of Myles.

Like Steven, Karlo and VAJ, Greg is one of only 4 players to reach God in SCs. (He was the third of the four to do so). He is currently #6 in Universal AF, and #4 in Universal ARR, so despite being mainly a SC player, his overall combined rank is very high.

Greg currently holds the WSSC lap record (2"13), the fastest lap in the game, and the DKSC 3lap with 20"92. He was tied for 28"00 with Myles on YVSC 3lap for nearly five years, until Myles landed a 'perfect' 27"93.

Greg's main claim to fame is being the only person to have ever landed the other fastest lap in the game: the 0-second glitch, which is said to involve the Lakitu-holdy-above-lakey shortcut in Royal Raceway. Greg completed the race normally, taking the standard thirty-something seconds per lap, but the timer at the results screen showed 0'00"00 for his final lap. Nobody knows how to recreate this glitch, without resorting to gameshark, magnets, divine intervention, jedi mind tricks, or other unsavoury fiddling with the cartridge.

Zero glitch picture

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