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Hedley Hichens

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Hedley Hichens

Hedley Hichens is a Mario Kart 64 player who joined the Players' Page in November 2005 and reached Master B by the end of the month. Since then he has improved to his current non-shortcut rank of 186th (Elite F).

This average Mario Kart 64 career shows he's a solid player but that no one that knows Hedley thinks of him for his time trialing skills. He joined the Mario Kart Message Board in July 2005 and for a year he entertained everyone there. He goes by "Squish" because of his love for squishing players in VS racing. According to legend, he's driven several hours just for a quick 16 round match and some squishes before returning home. He's much better known for his Message Board posts where everyone has come to rely on his good sense of humor.

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