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Steven Gutierrez

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Steven Gutierrez is a Mario Kart 64 player, specialising in Shortcuts. He is the older brother of Jeffrey Gutierrez.

Steven joined the kart community in January 2003. By the end of the year, he was 10th in SC and 42nd in Non-SC. He accelerated his performance in 2004, climbing higher in Non-SC, but his claim to fame was dethroning Alex Penev from the top of the Shortcut ladder. Steven went inactive after reaching #1, and Alex ceased his hibernation to defend the title briefly. Steven made a comeback to claim the title once again, and his persistance paid off. He retired once again, but not before reaching God in Shortcuts. He has since slipped to #35 in Non-SC. His SC position is still quite high, at #5 in the world.

Some say that he was lucky, some that he had too much time on his hands, while others respect his domination across the board, toppling records in some of the most overplayed circuits, such as Mario Raceway. Steven was the first to reach God in SCs, the first NTSC player in years to dethrone PAL in SCs, and is believed to be the first to land the Rainbow Road spiral twice in one race.

Apart from kart, Steven is remembered for his strange AIM conversations and forum posts, much like his little brother. He was rowdy when he first joined, but gradually improved his posting style, became the top SC karter, and was briefly a MK64 staff member (updating the Player's List).

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