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Andreas Runnelid

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Andreas Runnelid is a Swedish Mario Kart player and veteran member of the kart community. He is currently ranked #78 in SMK (PAL), and while his MKSC timesheet is incomplete to warrant an official rank, most of his times are in the top-10.

Andreas is player whose presence is rarely felt. He will often remain silent in trivial circumstances, but suddenly make himself heard when an issue of relative importance arises. You will then recognize Andreas by the meticulous way he formulates his argument, and by his odd sense of humour. Still, if anything, it only spices up his personality some more, and that certainly cannot be bad. Andreas has been someone well involved and informed into the Mario Kart community as a whole and for years, though he really spends and has spent the most of his energy into SMK and MKSC.

Because he's of the impression that you've already made up your mind about who you will vote for, we leave you with his autobiographical profile from the previous Karter's contest:

I'm not going to write much of a profile because I'm not fond of tooting my own horn, and besides, I would have nothing to write to do so with. I won't be able to change anyone's vote with a profile, and I believe most of you have already decided who to vote for, and won't be basing it off of these profiles.

I guess this could mean that the profiles essentially are a way to reach out and say something useful, since there is chance many of you contest participants would be reading this text. A chance to write about something I enjoy and value and would do just out of sheer enjoyment. Something I would devote a lot of time and effort to. Something sappy, sentimental and sympathic...

Snowflakes need to come in even intervals and consistent patterns. Oh, if I had a nickle for every outdoor activity that had been ruined by uneven bursts of snow, I swear I wouldn't have to write this.


You're sitting inside with your friend, happily watching the classical radio TV channel, when he suddenly says I've had enough Beethoven for today, let's go outside for a walk. The air is fresh, and the chill hits your face like a brick.

It's a perfect day to be out and just walk along, getting hit by the chill, and you're just starting to really enjoy it when he suddenly throws a snowball in your face, saying "There's a brick for you, stupid eufesmist!"

You are saddened.

Not so much because he actually hit you off guard.

You feel from the snow on your cheek that the snowball was not only poorly squeezed, it also contained an uneven distribution of snow crystals.

You fool!

If you're going to squeeze a snowball and bother to hit me in the face with it, at least do it right!

I mean what sort of snowball squeezer are you, if you can't even substatiate a snowball containing at least two spatial dendrites.

I laugh at your amateurish concoction of a snowball, containing only 5 stellar dendrites, sub-par 8 rimed crystals, compared to the ideal 12, a measly 6 sectored plates, and only 1 (1!) spatial dendrite.

Everyone knows the ideal is [9-12-14-5].

"Eat another, elitist snowhugger!"

Plooff! Another unsatisfactorily structured snowball lands, this time on your shoulder, and you've had it with your sadistic imperfect snowball friend.

You return inside with your friend, and you listen to a news broadcast over the radio.

The End

I guess there's a lesson to be learned here, as with all stories, but it's up to you to decide what you want to make of it. Those who know me decently well around here (I'd say no one knows me really well.) hopefully appreciate me, and those who have never heard of me most likely aren't interested in finding out more.

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