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Breath of Fire III

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Breath of Fire III

Breath of Fire III is a role playing game made by Capcom which was released in 1998 for the Sony Playstation. It is the third game of five in Capcom’s Breath of Fire series. In 2005, it was ported to the Playstation Portable with a few minor changes.


Serious discussion of speedrun and other challenge-type playthroughs takes place almost exclusively at the Breath of Fire III Message Board at GameFAQs. The first known speedrun for BoF3 was done by a user named SharpPaper, however, serious speedrunning of the game was pioneered by DavidK5, who has since completed five full segmented speedrun and two single segment runs.


The best known in-game completion time in a segmented run is 7 hours 41 minutes, which was completed by DavidK5 on July 14, 2012. He also completed the fastest known single-segment (no save) run on January 1, 2013 with an in-game completion time of 9 hours 23 minutes.

General Rules

  • At the end of the game you must choose to fight the final boss and make a Clear Game save after the ending credits to get your final time.
  • Cheating devices, including but not limited to, Gameshark, turbo controllers, and hardware modifications may not be used.
  • Only ‘’repeatable’’ in-game glitches (such as the item duplication glitch and Angel Tower warp) may be utilized.

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