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Paul Burgum

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Paul "Failurewarning" Burgum

Paul "Failurewarning" Burgum (or FW for short) joined the Elite in December 2001 and quickly started to rise through the ranks of Perfect Dark. In a few short months he made it into the 5 minute club and inside the Top 100.

His activity soon dwindled though as he turned to helping with the creation of the TimeSplitters 2 Elite at NGC-Elites in 2002. On TS2 he shot up the rankings and peaked in 7th place, holding 1 untied record for over 2 years. He is the only founding father still active there and was rewarded with the dual role of admin and updater. He later took a back seat as updater and promoted Silent Thunder to assist in this role while he focused on the admin side of things. He is also credited with making Matthijs Triep aka Quochendov a moderator.

With the release of TimeSplitters: Future Perfect FW set about domination in the story sector. He wrote more or less every strat used today within the story mode and peaked at 2nd place the World Rankings. He was also a top Blast Corps player, at one point ranked #1 in the world for both the PAL and NTSC versions.

In March 2007 his gaming career came to an abrupt halt due to an unforunate instance of medial negligence. FW received a digit threatening cut on his left index finger during a routine operation, severing the nerves and resulting in him being unable to move the finger for 6 months. Thankfully it later healed and he recently regained full mobility.

You're now most likely to find FW on Xbox Live, where he enjoys COD4, Lego Indiana Jones and playing Timeshift with Fal. He has frequented the Elite Chatroom regularly and is known by some people on NGC as "the other Ngamer," but he thinks this is going too far. He is a regular winner of Vote of the Day in the Elite Summer Contest and won Vote of the Year in 2005.

FW lives in the UK, has been married since September 2006, and is a well rounded and approachable guy.

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