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Bryan Bosshardt

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Bryan Bosshardt

Bryan Bosshardt (born September 24, 1984) joined The Elite in August 2002. He is a former world champion of Goldeneye from December 2003 to February 2008 and Perfect Dark from August 2005 to December 2007.

Throughout the course of his career Bryan has achieved 216 World Records in Goldeneye, over 95 of which have been untied, and has similarly impressive accomplishments in Perfect Dark. He is generally accepted as being the most dominant Goldeneye speedrunner of all time even though he is currently ranked 6th in points and time, and 4th on the MVP Rankings.


Upon joining The Elite, Bryan brought attention to himself straight away by discovering the no-Jaws strategy on Aztec, which immediately resulted in the lowering of the combined Goldeneye time by more than a minute.

While that strat alone would have cemented Bryan in history as a legend, he went on to become a dominant force in the world of Goldeneye, eventually dethroning longtime champion Wouter Jansen. He continued to play and reached what was thought to be his peak in spring of 2004, which is best known as the Bosshardtian Rampage. In this storm of Goldeneye fury, some of the untied world records Bryan achieved included a Silo sweep of 1:05/1:12/1:32, a Control sweep of 4:00/4:13/4:17, Bunker 1 00A 1:07 and a once-thought impossible Runway Agent 0:22.

On the 4th of April 2006 Bryan announced that he was retiring from competitive play. He made his return 6 days later when he achieved Archives 0:55s and caught up on other World Records he had lost from inactivity, such as Frigate 00 Agent 1:11 and Bunker 2 00 Agent 1:01. In the Spring of 2007, he began an even more productive output of great World Records than ever before, obtaining times such as Caverns 00A 1:38, a new Control sweep of 3:59/4:11/4:13, Depot 00A 0:50, and a Facility sweep of 0:45/0:54/0:54.

Bryan was eventually knocked out of first place, down to third by David Clemens and Rayan Isran in early 2008, but he continues to play Goldeneye on and off, with the goal of sweeping Statue once again.

Perfect Dark

Bryan also dominated in Perfect Dark, where he displaced Ryan Dwyer as the champion, making him the second person to simultaneously hold the championship of both Goldeneye and Perfect Dark after Randy Buikema. He achieved many impressive World Records, notably Extraction SA/00A 1:22/1:30, where his Special Agent record was untied by a staggering 8 seconds. When he was finally overtaken by Rayan Isran he had been champ for 854 days.

As of 2013, Bryan is ranked 4th and holding 8 untied WRs, including sweeps on Skedar Ruins and MBR, the latter a level he's been dominating throughout the last 8 years.


In addition to his Goldeneye and Perfect Dark feats, Bryan has held all 42 World Records in The World Is Not Enough simultaneously, all 60 World Records in the Goldeneye Turbo League simultaneously, and was the best American player of Mario Kart Double Dash!! in early 2004.

He is a regular and enthusiastic participant of Elite Fantasy Sports leagues, in which he has had great success.

Random Facts

  • Bryan is only one of two players who has completed all the LTK and DLTK levels in GE and all the LTK and DLTK levels in PD. He also holds some of the league's WRs.

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