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Jim Barrett

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Jimbo and Aussie-legend Karl Jobst at the 2012 Virginia meet.

Jim "Jimbo" Barrett (born March 17, 1988, in Green Bay, Wisconsin) is historically one of the most obnoxious gamers around the Goldeneye and Mario Kart 64 forums. He immediately gained infamy at the start of his career due to his arrogance and claiming of obviously fake times, such as Caverns Agent 1:02 at age 13. After being banned from The Elite rankings in mid 2002, Jimbo cleaned up his act, and in July 2003 achieved Bunker 1 00A 1:09 (then tying a Bosshardt-set untied of 2 seconds), spawning the beginning of a rise in the rankings. In February 2004, he reached the podium of GoldenEye 007 and held off challengers for one year. Jimbo continues to be an active member of the Goldeneye community. With the recent addition of, Jimbo's channel has become one of the more popular streams to watch for Eliters. Jimbo resides in Green Bay Wisconsin, has a full time job, and has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Jimbo checks the elite boards every day, visits the elite chat nightly, and sometimes visits Ngamer to conduct business. Jimbo has attended every major American meet held since 2007, including all Virginia meets, the Michigan 2009 meet, the Florida 2010 meet, the Michigan 2010 meet, and countless Minnesota meets since then. Being one of only four Eliters to participate in every Elite Summer Contest, Jimbo was the 2013 champion.

Elite Achievements, Milestones, Highlights

  • Current GoldenEye Points Rank: 7th / Current GoldenEye Time Rank: 8th
  • Maintaining a career-high rank of 3rd on the GoldenEye rankings for over a year for points and time, (February 2004 to March 2005).
  • 3 official career untied Goldeneye world records, and 37 official TIED world records.
  • Having administrative privileges on the Elite's main page and moderator privileges on the General Chat and Goldeneye forums.
  • Regularly updating the Elite's front page with relevant information and insight on the best players currently setting world records, and statistics on each news update!
  • Finishing 1st in the 2007 Goldeneye tournament, likely because the rest of the elite was simply playing catch-up. (See: Eddie Lovins) and the lack of Patrik Nilsson.
  • Finishing 3rd in the 2008 Mario Kart 64 tournament, after a Cinderella run to the final-four.
  • Finishing 3rd in the 2009 Mario Kart 64 tournament, and realizing the subsequent heartbreak of losing the finals.
  • Finishing 2nd in the 2010 Mario Kart 64 tournament, and completely choking away the finals on Rainbow Road. Finished 3rd in the Goldeneye tournament, defeating Patrik Nilsson in a 9-9 3rd match advancement, and losing to Greg Woll in a 9-9 3rd match defeat.
  • Finishing 2nd in the 2011 Mario Kart 64 tournament with the #1 seed, after a complete slug-fest against Nathan Stinson. Very close. Also landed the spiral shortcut on Rainbow Road along with 11 others this year.
  • Finishing 3rd in the 2012 Mario Kart 64 tournament with the #2 seed, and 3rd in the Goldeneye tournament, becoming the first man since the introduction of the Virginia meet to make the finals in BOTH games.
  • Finishing 4th in the 2013 Mario Kart 64 tournament with the #2 seed, making the finals for the 6th consecutive year.
  • Finishing 2nd in the 2015 Mario Kart 64 tournament with the #2 seed, finishing a hair behind winner Mark Jones.
  • Winning the 2013 Elite Summer Contest, defeating DK in the championship.

Reasons why Jimbo could be pretty cool:

  • He is a longtime contributing member of the Elite, going back to as early as December 2001.
  • He is one of the most social and involved eliters; he attends meets, is an AIM chatter, a twitch streamer, a twitch chatter, and a frequent board poster.
  • He is a highly experienced and skilled drummer, taking influences from his favorite drummers Neil Peart (Rush), Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan (Avenged Sevenfold), and Danny Carey (Tool)
  • While historically arrogant and quite trollish, Jimbo is actually good at Goldeneye multiplayer and a "top 5 item user" in the world at Mario Kart 64. (Source:(Bryan Bosshardt).)
  • He is one of the most highly knowledgeable NFL and NASCAR fans around, being a pro/lucky sports bettor and avid Green Bay Packers fan.

Reasons why Jimbo sucks and/or can get annoying:

  • His notable self-loathing rage can reach levels that are unbearable to some passive gamers.
  • He owns and drives a 2012 Dodge Charger R/T with the 370 HP Hemi engine!
  • Is a level 37 Sage poster on, a highly outdated message board for eliters.
  • Has tanked every tournament ping pong match in elite history, and was eliminated by Liz Mimms in 2009 and 2010 during round 1. Jimbo has extended his record to 0-9 in elite history.

Playing Host

Jimbo's been to 4 Packers games with eliters, this one with Wiff, Dolphins @ Packers 10/17/2010.

Jimbo has played host to 7 eliters, those being (in order) Jon Barber, QB, David Clemens, Thingy, Neo, Thomas Andrews, and Eric "drag" Tapani, for various reasons, and has developed a friendship with most of those. Jon Barber spent the night prior to the Colts @ Packers game held on October 19, 2008. QB flew to Wisconsin to attend his very first Packers game vs the Carolina Panthers, held on November 31, 2008. Prior to the game, the 2008 GNC happened as well. David Clemens has visited Jimbo in consecutive years for the 2009 and 2010 Michigan meets held in Detroit MI, hosted by Eddie Lovins. "Thingy" visited Wisconsin for the 2009 GNC, and made the trip up to Green Bay to attend a Packers game vs the San Francisco 49ers with Jimbo held on November 21, 2009. Paddy "Neo" Johanessen visited Jimbo during a giant vacation to the states (in route to the Virginia meet) to fulfill a dream of seeing Lambeau Field. This dream was accomplished in August 2010. Thomas Andrews visited Jimbo to attend a Packers game vs the Miami Dolphins on October 17, 2010, because it was a rare interconference matchup held at an affordable price! Eric "drag" Tapani spent the weekend with Jimbo in March 2011 because he was bowling in a league held literally 2 blocks away.

Historic Archives Agent 0:16 Controversy

0:16 is not a difficult time, and even if the administrator sees your run, you'd best tape everything you do.

On August 17, 2008, Jimbo had finally achieved the world record of 0:16 on Archives A after many hours of playing in Bumpass VA. Most, if not everyone at the meet had seen Jimbo play and fail a few 0:16s prior to the completed run that night. Jimbo knowingly played without taping, as most were convinced that this world record would not require video proof is a proof moderator was present. When 0:16 occured, many were watching (including Jon Barber) and had verified that the run was legit and met all elite requirements. (no cheating devices, no cheats, etc). Many of the attendees of Jimbo's session were world-known players such as Patrik Nilsson, Eddie Lovins, Jon Barber, Josh Layne etc. When the news had gotten to the Goldeneye rankings moderators that 0:16 was not captured on tape, a split was created between the moderators (such as Henning Blom, and Wouter Jansen) vs the rest of the elite who believed 0:16 was fine as-is, or were OK with picture proof that was provided by Jimbo. (2 images exist, one of flash ON, and one of flash OFF to show the player surroundings). 0:16 was ultimately accepted, but only for a short period, as Jimbo failed to provide a taped 0:16 within the month it was shown on the rankings; resulting in his Archives A time to be back-rolled to 0:17.

On December 15, 2008, Jim's 0:16 was finally added to the Goldeneye Elite rankings after Jon Barber made the final decision as administrator to allow the time. The addition of the time had split the community, and as a result, former updater Wouter Jansen resigned as rankings updater in favor of Axel "Axel" Zakrissen.

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