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Thomas Andrews

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Thomas "wiff" Andrews

Thomas "wishiwasfamous" Andrews (commonly referred to as "wiff") joined The Elite in September 2003.

Formerly one of the most active Goldeneye players, wiff's strats at GE Strat Central have helped many of the new generation of Eliters. Further assistance has been provided through his generosity in sending off replacement controller parts/games to Eliters all over the world. Despite his lack of activity, wiff currently sits at 67th place in the Goldeneye Ranks and he also managed to reach the Perfect Dark Top 100 (now ranked 130th).

In 2007, wiff became famous for competing in the Spring Grand National Championship where he squared off against Steve Bryze. He is actively involved in all the Elite Fantasy Sports leagues, where he repeatedly seems to get extremely lucky in wins and points with bad teams, and spends a lot of time in The Elite Chatroom. Indeed he has shown that he never wants to be left out of anything, as proven by April Fools Day 2005 (for which he faked his own death) and his position as the picture editor for the annually Elite Summer Contest.

Wiff is currently playing Call of Duty 1, UO, Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 4, and MOHAA, where he is a member of the clan Barkada. However he spends most of his time playing Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor

Wiff is perhaps most well known for having the shortest temper in The Elite.

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