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Steven Haley

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Steven "Comet" Haley

Steven "Comet" Haley, also known as Blue Lightning, first streaked across the night sky of The Elite in 2005, originally making landfall with Perfect Dark. The resounding impact turned quite a few heads, especially after Comet achieved Skedar Ruins Agent 1:10, a very good time which is worth 91 points today. He then switched to Goldeneye and slowly progressed up the ranks with some decent times such as Surface 2 00 Agent 1:34 (5th fastest time when set) and Streets 1:56's. Comet achieved a couple of World Records over the course of his career. He has since stopped playing competitively, spending most of his gaming time these days playing a wide range of games on the x-box 360.

Comet solidified a spot on the highly regarded Rare Rankings, a feat he currently shares with only 30 other players, and is currently hanging at 83rd place in Perfect Dark and 69th place on the Goldeneye rankings, but there's definitely a lot of untapped potential in this energy packet. Since the Summer of 2006, he has been spending much of that potential in the Elite Chatroom, where his good nature and quick wit have made him one of the league's most popular personalities. It's very likely to find him sitting in chat on any given night and has been said to, at times, even run the show along with his co-host DK.

The DK and Comet Show

With the beginning of the 2009 Summer Contest, Comet teamed up with DK to create The DK and Comet Show, which is a podcast that runs throughout the summer contest and discusses both upcoming matches, as well as match results of matches that already happened. The show gained a lot of popularity and also allowed several other Eliters to take part as guests. The show returned for the 2010 and 2011 contests and has featured a wide variety of guests, as well as a few recurring ones.

Personal Life

When Comet isn't entertaining in The Elite Chatroom, he enjoys playing sports, namely bowling, and also enjoys running and has been a track runner for a number of years. Other hobbies he enjoys are stealing from the homeless, prostitution, and getting drunk at random parties. Comet is currently living in his Canadian home in Nova Scotia with his parents, because he is a total leech.

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