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James Bond 007 in Agent Under Fire

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James Bond 007 in Agent Under Fire

James Bond 007 in Agent Under Fire is a first person shooter released in November of 2001 for the Playstation 2, and in March of 2002 for the Xbox and the Gamecube.


Agent Under Fire speedrun are hosted on the Speed Demos Archive. The current single segment record is 40 minutes and 40 seconds done on the operative difficulty on the Gamecube version by Ben "Cygnus" Goldberg. Timing is taken from the ingame clock displayed after every mission.

Level Strategies with Upgrades

Strategies for each level using the upgrades unlocked in the game.

Strategies for Single Segment Runs

Single segment runs start off from a new game, with no upgrades unlocked.

High Scores

The highest score possible on each level is 300,000. This is only achievable on the 00 Agent difficulty. The requirements for getting a perfect score are different on each level, but the constants are that you must perform all Bond Moves, must subdue all enemies, must get under the recommended mission duration, and must find all the 007 Bonuses.

Currently the only strategies written for getting perfect scores is located here.

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