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GoldenEye 007

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GoldenEye 007 is a first person shooter for the Nintendo 64, released in August 1997 by Rare.

Rare relinquished the James Bond licence to Electronic Arts shortly after GoldenEye was released, which resulted in the appalling "Tomorrow Never Dies" for Sony's PlayStation and the mediocre "The World Is Not Enough" for the N64. Following 6'th generation titles, EA then created "007 Nightfire" in 2002 for the PS2. "007 Everything or Nothing" was released in 2004, and "Quantum of Solace" was released in 2008. Meanwhile, Rare took the opportunity to create some original intellectual property and spent the next three years making GoldenEye's true spiritual successor, Perfect Dark.

Solo missions

All competitive play relating to GoldenEye revolves around completing the 60 solo missions - 20 levels on each of three difficulty levels - as quickly as possible.

The Elite has hosted GoldenEye speedrun competition since the summer of 1997. The current world champion is Rayan 'Ace' Isran.

Strategies and Tutorials

Written strategies are available for every level. The community is also working to create new video tutorials for each level and difficulty.

Level Agent Secret Agent 00 Agent
Dam 0:52 (Karl) Sub 2:00 (Jimbo)
Facility 0:43 (Luke)
Runway 0:22 (hotshott) 0:35 (hotshott)
0:38 (Spec)
Surface 1 1:02 (Lockwood) 1:48 (Mirror) Same as Secret Agent
Bunker 1 0:17 (Wodahs) 1:02 (Goose)
Silo 1:01 (Luke) 1:08 (Goose)
Frigate 1:05 (Mop) 1:09 (Mop)
Surface 2 0:46 (Wodahs)
0:47 (Luke)
0:49 (Randy) 1:2x (Dusky)
Bunker 2 0:24 (MW) 0:55 (Marc)
Statue 2:18 (Wodahs) Same as Agent Same as Agent
Archives 0:16 (Wodahs)
0:16 (Alex)
0:54 (Alex) Same as SA
Streets 1:12 (Ogran) 1:54 (Goose) 1:55 (Wodahs)
Depot 0:23 / 0:24 (Mop)
0:25 (Goose)
0:40 (Wodahs)
Train 1:02 (Luke)
Jungle 0:51 (Swiss)
Control 3:56 (Wodahs)
3:57 (Illu)
Caverns 1:01 (Luke) 1:13 (Luke) 1:36 (Spec)
Cradle 0:34 (OHMSS) 0:34 (Wodahs) Same as SA
Aztec 1:26 (Wodahs)
Egypt 0:45 (Wodahs) Same as Agent Same as Agent

A complete list of tutorials can be found on the following pages

A list of all tutorials across all difficulties is also available here.

Variant leagues

After completion of all 20 levels on 00 Agent, players unlock a customizable difficulty setting called 007 Mode. This mode has spawned two very popular additional leagues: LTK and DLTK, which can be considered to be the fourth and fifth difficulty settings.

There is also competition in the Turbo League where players use only the Turbo Mode cheat.

Full runs

Single-segment runs of GE are ranked here.

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