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Adam Van't Hul

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Psyrell (on the right) with friend Infil (on the left)

Adam "Psyrell" Van't Hul is a speedrunner and videogame expert currently residing in Calgary, Alberta. He was responsible for the Castlevania: Symphony of the Night speedrun, inventing new strategies and shaving several minutes off the previous Richter world record (a run already below 10 minutes in length). He then accomplished a single-segment 195% run of the main game using Richter. He also provided video proof of some excellent Contra: Shattered Soldier strategies which found their way into later speedrun found on SDA.

In 2005, Psyrell was involved with a strange incident involving the television show Cinematech (on network G4). Psyrell's Richter run was shown, from start to end, on the show without any credit given. This sparked a debate in forums, and eventually Cinematech was contacted about the copyright issues. The situation was never fully resolved, but they have never shown a speedrun on the show since.

Psyrell is good friends with Elite members Infil, who goes to the same university, and SnapDragon, who captured all his speedrun. Some of Psyrell's favorite game genres include music games (DDR, IIDX, Guitar Hero), fighting games (SF3: 3rd Strike, Guilty Gear XX), and survival horror games (Resident Evil series, Silent Hill series); he'll play pretty much any game, except Madden.