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Ryan Koch

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Ryan Koch has been an active member of The Elite since December 2005.

Ryan started playing GoldenEye when he was 7 years old and Perfect Dark at age 13. In his career, he has achieved 18 World Records, 9 of which are still World Records today. Some of his better times include a 0:46-sweep on Egyptian, Runway Agent 0:22 (1.2'd), Surface 2 00 Agent 1:28 and Cradle 00 Agent 0:36.

On April 26th 2015, Ryan took full advantage of the Depot Agent roller door warp-strategy. The strategy had been known for several years but only executed on Turbo Mode so far. That is, until Logan Jordon warped it on a casual Depot-session. Hours later, Ryan nailed a 0:24, a definitive landmark in his career since it was his first untied, as well as the first GE untied in 7 months.

Ryan is a 60/60 proven player and currently sits at 13th place. In Perfect Dark, Ryan is almost ranked inside the top 100 with the strength of times such as Duel Perfect Agent 0:09, and Maian SOS Agent 1:40 (done live at SGDQ 2015, also Ryan's only PAL time)

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