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More research on which information speedrunners are missing

The information about the mathematics of speedrunning like the tendency for a really good run to have be so much further ahead or behind in the middle of the run than the amount you beat the PB by is here in the article which I actually wrote myself. That's not the information I'm looking for. What I'm really looking for is the information of whether almost all speedrunners are missing it. I jumped through a lot of different first place speedrun videos of Donkey Kong Country:Tropical Freeze and found that none of them had a time more than a tiny bit further ahead or behind in the middle of the run than the amount they beat their PB by. Also, I was once watching a Majora's Mask Any% speedrunner named funire before some of the later tricks got discovered. I think on average, a PB of that category of that game tended to be beaten by only about 20 seconds. Every time he was about 20 seconds behind, he just reset the run. I think maybe they're all being dumb and resetting too easily. I guess it's the very rapid power of mathematics to generate very rapidly growing functions. e^9 is very large somewhere around 3,000. I think in general people make about 1,000 attempts. Yet, in an ideal situation after e^9 attempts, the standard deviation of the probability distribution of your next PB half way through the run is only 1.5 times more than the expected time to beat your next PB by. Blackbombchu (talk) 18:32, 27 August 2020 (PDT)