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Power Crouch Stab

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An ordinary crouch stab is a type of attack in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. You must have a handheld shield to do this: young Link with a Deku Shield, or adult Link with a Hylian or Mirror Shield. To crouch with your shield held protectively in front of you, hold R. Then you can press forward, and tap B to stab forwards with your sword.

The clever thing about a crouch stab is that the amount of damage it does is the same as the previous attack you did: WHATEVER that attack was. For example, if you're young Link and you just did a jumping attack with a Deku Stick (4HP), any crouch stab you perform afterwards will do 4HP of damage, but, even if it connects, will NOT waste a Deku Stick!

This is called a Power Crouch Stab. As well as saving Deku Sticks for young Link, it also enables you to deal extremely powerful hits relatively rapidly. You can do the damage of a jumping attack in MUCH less time than it takes to perform a jumping attack, dealing damage at an overall faster rate. Generally they are best used when fighting big, slow/stunned enemies: bosses, or Iron Knuckles.

Disadvantages of the Power Crouch Stab: first of all you have to make sure you don't accidentally do a standard sword swipe between your huge jumping attack and your Power Crouch Stabs, otherwise the entire aim of the PCS is defeated. Secondly, you are extremely vulnerable in the crouched position, despite the shield - you are immobile. What's more, the range of the PCS is extremely limited compared to the original jumping attack - a short distance in front of you and that's it.