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Mirror Temple

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Mirror Temple is the 5th main level in Celeste and forms both the 5th and 6th stages of the main any% route. It contains a wide variety of unique obstacles, including entities known only as "doors", red bubbles, which function similarly to the green bubbles from Golden Ridge except their range is unlimited, seekers, indestructable enemies which can fly in any direction. Furthermore, 5A and 5B contain "Theo sections" where Madeline must carry a helpless Theo through each room. Finally, the level contains zip blocks, which function similarly to traffic blocks from Forsaken City with the exception that dashing anywhere activates them instead of touching them.

Temple A includes the YEET, a very visually impressive strat which involves hypering off a zip block to obtain a great rightwards velocity, bunnyhopping off a platform, then performing an upwards ultra into a diagonal cornerboost to maintain the momentum into the next room, allowing the zip block in that room to be skipped entirely. It also contains some skips such as searchskip and double bubble skip which are obsolete in any% and are now only used in 5A ILs.

The Mirror Temple is of particular interest because of its implications for the any% route. Firstly, completing a level's B-Side will unlock the following level, just as completing the level's A-side does. In 5A, the tape room is reasonably close to the beginning, and 5B is significantly shorter than 5A. The optimal route is, therefore, to obtain the tape in 5A to unlock 5B, quit out of the level, then complete 5B. Mirror Temple is not unique in this regards; this is also true of Reflection, but is generally not done there for a number of reasons.

However, 5B contains the legendary zero-key skip, which avoids picking up either of the two keys in the level and which saves approximately 19 seconds over skipping only one key and which is required for the route to save time. This requires traversing a corridor of spikes. For a time, a pixel-perfect cornerboost was used to jump through it. This is extremely difficult and a failure causes 12 seconds to be lost, so, despite the possible gains, very few players attempted the route due to the incredibly high risk involved. However, DemoJameson eventually found an alternative version of zero-key skip which is slightly slower but far more consistent. In this new method, a bubsdrop -- previously believed to be useless -- is used to exit and re-enter the screen using an exit intended to be one-way, then a suicide is performed, which causes Madeline to respawn-warp past the spike corridor. Once this was discovered, the 5B route finally became widely used.

Clear IL WR Progression (5A)

Name Time Date Days Standing
Buhbai 5:29.324 20/2/2018 20
Hornlitz 5:13.004 12/3/2018 3
Yp 4:50.479 15/3/2018 4
TGH 4:46.926 19/3/2018 13
TGH 4:41.197 1/4/2018 6
Buhbai 4:36.913 7/4/2018 9
Buhbai 4:35.468 16/4/2018 5
Buhbai 4:28.362 21/4/2018 28
TGH 4:23.585 19/5/2018 63
Buhbai 4:22.276 21/7/2018 11
DemoJameson 4:18.111 1/8/2018 2
DemoJameson 4:12.994 3/8/2018 15
TGH 4:12.926 18/8/2018 9
TGH 4:09.475 27/8/2018 10
TGH 4:08.744 6/9/2018 69
Fladervy 3:59.615 14/11/2018 20+

Note: Revolucion had 4:20 as a WR at some point, but the video appears to have been taken down so it is not known when the run happened and it is therefore not included in the table.

B-Side IL WR Progression (5B)

Name Time Date Days Standing
Angrevol 3:28.743 22/2/2018 127
Revolucion 3:20.481 29/6/2018 31
Revolucion 3:01.118 30/7/2018 2
Revolucion 2:51.377 1/8/2018 22
Revolucion 2:39.868 23/8/2018 32
Revolucion 2:37.947 24/9/2018 31
Blackpear420 2:31.215 25/10/2018 22
Problemstrol 2:24.823 16/11/2018 1
Problemstrol 2:23.310 17/11/2018 17+

C-Side IL WR Progression (5C)

Name Time Date Days Standing
Seckswrecks 30.243 16/2/2018 4
Angrevol 24.905 20/2/2018 5
DiTThO 23.409 25/2/2018 166
Buhbai 22.627 10/8/2018 116+

Full Clear IL WR Progression

Name Time Date Days Standing
Roofon 23:13.796 22/4/2018 8
Roofon 18:15.854 1/5/2018 1
TeDeMos 16:13.454 2/5/2018 4
TeDeMos 13:36.153 6/5/2018 101
Buhbai 10:01.154 15/8/2018 111+