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Kain Highwind

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Kain Highwind (Active in the video game community since 2010) is a video gamer reigning from an unknown area. Not much is known about him, but he is the Administrator of 007 NightFire and leader of the NFK. He can be related to the very well known DarkLight93, as being his main competition to video gaming, mainly the 007 Nightfire Global Champion.

Kain Highwind is the person coming the closest to beating DarkLight93, being only 7 points away from beating him and getting the nightfire global championship. He has not been active lately, but is rumoured to be speedrunning Nightfire.

In late 2010, Vice President of NFK "Terry Xia" told DarkLight93 in a conversation regarding 007 Nightfire that Kain Highwind is good enough to beat him.