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Jorge Maricato

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Jorge Augusto Ramos Maricato

Jorge "Mitrhil" Maricato (born December 30th, 1985) found out about the Brazilian Elite around September - 2002, and soon he joined

Early Years

Guilherme Ghussn, Jorge's cousin found out a brazilian webpage about Perfect Dark (called "Perfect DDark") around 2002, than both joined in the IRC channel and met Vitor Miranda. After this he knew the brazilian elite and consequentially The Elite.

At the beginning both cousins had a lot of discussions with the brazilian players cause in less then 1 week they both did :06 on defection A (WR in that time), but with time (and proofs, obviously) they become part of the core of the br elite.

Vitor Miranda gave up of administrate the brazilian site, so Jorge started to do it, automating all the rankings (Vitor helped him after a while). They did this while were living together, with Ghussn too, they were studying at the same college.

Contributions to brazilian game scene

Jorge has contributed nearly three years leading the brazilian elite, stimulating a lot of players to try different games and exchange information among themselves.

The Brazilian Elite

After a huge of effort in the site and getting without time to administrate it and without any help, Jorge shut down the rankings.

Gaming Achievements

- Top 25 in Perfect Dark (The Elite)

- #2 best player of the world in Pokémon Snap (Cyberscore)

- Best player of the world in Mario Tennis (N64HS)

- Runner up title (second best player of the month) in The Elite

- Player of the month in N64HS

- Challenge 30 31-0 four-player (with Vitor Miranda, Diogo Azevedo and a random local player)

- And several brazilian and world records in several games