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Jonathan Sopp

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Jonathan "Soup" Sopp was one of the greatest Euro Chatters in Elite history before his mysterious disappearance in August of 2007.

Soup's Final Moments

TehSoopMaestro (5:23:55 PM): Correct answer - Learn to Fly - Foo Fighters
NgamerAtWork (5:23:59 PM): bah
TehSoopMaestro (5:24:05 PM): Blood scores
ShadowZeroPD (5:24:06 PM): I bet bloode googles
HistoricToast (5:24:10 PM): I bet i don't
TehSoopMaestro (5:24:33 PM): Next question...
TehSoopMaestro (5:26:00 PM): Shit
(5:26:05 PM) TehSoopMaestro has left the room.

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Jonathan Sopp
1989 - 2007
Died playing the game he loved
"If Emperor's not gonna put the effort in, neither am I"