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Jaws is an Action game released in November of 1987 by Acclaim for the Nintendo Entertainment System.


The Speed Demos Archive hosts Jaws competition. The current online speedrun video is 3 minutes and 58 seconds, achieved by Daniel "Kareshi" Brown on November 14th, 2006.

History of Jaws Competition

Competition for Jaws time started in early 2006. At the time, the fastest run on Speed Demos Archive was 5:45 and the world record was around 5:23. Unofficial videos surfaced that brought the time under 5:00, and in May 2006 the Speed Demos Archive had an official video for a 4:48 time and the official World Record was a similar time, though done by a different person.

The Future of Jaws Competition

In October 2006, a new strategy was discovered that allows for a player to receive a submarine and thus be able to beat the game much faster. There are currently no videos online of the new method, as it is still being optimized. As of mid-November the best unofficial time is around 4:03.

Speedrun Strategies

Basic strategies for Jaws involve getting used to the timings of the enemy generations. Being able to shoot the stingray or jellyfish as soon as they appear is useful for ending the underwater encounters early. However, it may be beneficial to swim towards the enemy and shoot it when you are closer to it if you know that enemy will drop an item. This is because another enemy can't take the place of the destroyed one while that item is still on the screen. As it is a guess most times, the speedrunner must find a balance between the timings for shooting item-carrying and non-item-carrying enemies.

One must power up to Level 3 in order to take Jaws' power down to zero in one encounter, and this is the currently recommended level for speedrunning.

It is possible to gain a minisub by gaining 30,000 points.

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