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Jake Sopcak

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Jake Sopcak is relatively new to Mario Kart Double Dash, having debuting in March 2005. He is best known for reaching the top 50 faster than anyone else. As a personal friend of Bo's (they went to the same high school together) he was trained by the best and has a real natural talent for the game. His top 10 time in Mario Circuit officially secured his place as one of the best karters in the world. Jake was awarded Player of the Week in August 2005 and Player of the Month in September 2005. He is currently ranked in the top 25 of the world and is in the top 10 for 60hz.

When he is not karting, Jake is busy smashing and humiliating people at Super Smash Bros Melee - he's even more talented at SSBM than he is at Mario Kart! Asides from his obvious videogame skills, he is currently studying at Dominican University in Chicago and is a freshmam.

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